Guest Blogger: Jessica Crowley - Return of the Yogi

April 08, 2016

Guest Blogger: Jessica Crowley - Return of the Yogi

Energy maintenance has been an obstacle for me. Example, I whole heartedly decided to teach two morning yoga classes, knowing that I was in for a life change. Here, I will describe my mind’s chatter as I opened the gate to time. The yoga classes I am to teach begin at 6am. I need to rise out of bed at 4:30am and make it through the day into my evening classes that usually end around 9pm. I needed to have a better understanding of time and not just by measure, because measuring time can use up valuable energy. I found myself doing exactly that, I’d even go as far as to say that I wasted time by using choice words in my chattering mind like, “ I don’t have the time”.

Time is like a ghost in the wind. Real enough to make one jump out of their skin causing significant change. We have decided to place expectations upon time, and even judge one another based upon it. Time is what we blame when things don’t happen as planned and time is what we praise when they do. The fact is, energy expires and it happens suddenly. Time is an indefinite response that progresses from past, the present, to the future. What is hidden here, is that each individual is what causes energy to excel or deplete as time keeps everything from happening at once. The phenomenon is how do we “feel” time? The day goes by fast or slow, but the moment we express ourself in action we create a day that is either full of explorations, filling the brain with information. Or a day of actions that are routine, and the brain didn’t have much to remember. I found a solution to my struggle with time and decided to eliminate actions that cause repetition of chatter in my brain. Allow space for both routine and change.

The goal is to balance, not by measure but rather by virtue. My days are now full of teaching, living, and maintaining overall happiness. It's been 4 months. I have found rhythm in actions that are harmonious with my individual core. How did I find balance?

I went to the seed, reflected on the root cause of my energy imbalance (the stuff that causes chattering mind). I choose to look down deep inside and eliminated some roots that had been there acting as a catalyst for growth and maturity. They had stemmed into awareness and had been taking up valuable space in my brain, they needed to halt for me to conserve energy.

Result, More space in my brain for new stimuli, virtuous choices, sleep like an angel, feeling ease. Individual awareness happens, the time is now.
Be impeccable with your word, don't take things personally, don't assume, and do your best! Energy maintenance was the obstacle and now is an achievement.