Guest Blogger: Kat Kelley-Chung

April 20, 2016

Guest Blogger: Kat Kelley-Chung

Recently, while in savasana at the end of a yoga class, the instructor read a passage from a book about the gift of acceptance. As I listened to her read, I considered how interesting the concept really was. It made so much sense as I lay there thinking about the qualities of acceptance: receiving, readiness, belief, but ultimately what came to mind was that acceptance felt as much like letting go as it felt like holding on. The end of a 90 minute hot yoga class was a perfect place to meditate on that.

Yoga offers a great opportunity to practice letting go, both as an idea and a sensation. Often I’ve heard a student come out of class saying, ‘I’ve had a bad class.’


‘Because I couldn’t balance’; ‘I felt nauseous’; ‘I lacked energy or focus’ or a host of other reasons.

What if instead of viewing these things as road blocks to our ultimate goal, we accepted them as opportunities to learn and grow? And how might we feel about our practice when we realize that these things are just clues, or even road signs to help us get there? What if we let go of the idea that these things are “bad” and simply accepted them as gifts?

Acceptance doesn’t have to equal complacency, the nature of our lives is To Do! Far too often we view our actions as suffering to attain our goal, instead of noticing how much value is present within the action itself. In other words, it’s the journey, not the destination that offers most of the amazing miracles and gifts. Acceptance is recognizing what we have and where we are right now, and letting go of all the rest.