We Move When You Do

January 26, 2016

We Move When You Do

3Clothing’s 2016 mission is to spread the message of Health and Wellness, and is committed to “Move When You Do.”

As a woman, I tend to dress with my mood. If I’m feeling confident and energized, I’ll add the cute little details to accentuate my healthy glow. But if I’m feeling less than stellar, I’d leave the house in a lawn and leaf bag if it properly hid me from the outside world.

I run my own business so stress and demands can overtake my workout routine, as well as my sleep patterns. Travel and networking events force cocktails and cheese plates into spaces where green smoothies and celery sticks generally reside.

In a matter of a stressful week the scale can shift dramatically. My hard earned muscle tone will melt into a distant memory, and my self image can be clouded with disappointment, having me question whether I was ever even fit or healthy at all!?

After 20 years of disciplined workouts, cleanses, and health and wellness careers, you’d think I’ve earned the right to stay ‘fit and beautiful and perfect’ for eternity. But alas, my body is constantly shifting and changing and gaining and losing and retaining and releasing.

Over the past few years, this usual ebb and flow of my physicality has continued underneath my athleisure clothing brand, 3Clothing, and is one of the inspirations of our slogan “We Move When You Do” 

Women’s bodies are constantly changing through dieting and exercising or lack thereof; pregnancy, more pregnancy, stress, aging and good ol’ reliable gravity to name a few.

Wouldn’t it be nice, during all these phases, to always be able to reach into your closet and pull out that same shirt that makes you feel comfortable and sexy? To not have to retire those super flattering pants you live in until you get ‘back on track.’? To not have to invest in a new temporary wardrobe while you are nurturing new life in your belly. 

I knew I was truly onto something when 3Clothing saved me, and my garbage bags, from the harshness of the outside world.

It was right after the holidays. I had been burning the candle at both ends for a good solid year straight. Its no wonder I found myself 10 pounds heavier, mildly depressed, extremely exhausted, and with the nastiest cold near rivaling the flu. I didn’t leave my house, or my robe, for 2 days. By day 3 I felt extremely weak, and my flair for the dramatic had me exclaiming to my boyfriend to, “leave me here..this is the end for me..I’ll only hold you back..” But alas, I knew I’d have to make my way out into the land of the living eventually. Taking off my robe was equivalent to ripping off the world’s most adhesive band aid, and the thought of having to put on ‘real clothes’ atop this body I’ve come to barely recognize was enough to make tears well up in my lackluster eyes.

That is until I opened up my closet and was greeted by my good old reliable friend, the hooded cowl sweater. I paired this with our ultra silky smooth bamboo french terry leggings and a pair of high boots, and I was amazed by what I saw in the mirror. I looked ‘alive’ and pretty well put together, despite the fact I felt like I was still wrapped in my ‘blanky’. Truly, I was SO comfortable, and though I had my own personal battles with what was going on underneath, the rest of the world would not be privy to them.

What’s ironic is I would choose this same outfit if I was feeling great and at my best, and even with 10 less pounds. I could’ve hugged myself, and full disclosure I may have actually gone that far. THIS is why I started 3Clothing. THIS was the gift I wanted to offer women out there. We deserve to look and feel beautiful, even when we’re not tap dancing on a rainbow.

Shoot for the Moon...Land in Our Clothes…We’ll Move When You Do.


Nikki Gordon