Guest Blogger: Melody Clark - I See You

June 22, 2016

Guest Blogger:  Melody Clark - I See You

I get to watch people pay attention. In this moving world, I watch busy folks stand still. I get to watch them fall down and get back up and that's quite a thing you know, to get back up. I see ordinary people move through extraordinary moments as they discover, uncover, recover pieces of themselves. I watch students resist, deny, then slowly break though. I watch humans grow and transform right before my eyes, measured in moments, set to the soundtrack of breath.  I teach yoga, although it’s so much more than that. 

Yes, I see you.

You, in the back, who has never spoken to me,

You in the blue pants who thinks you are not good enough,

You in the front row hoping the guy behind you notices,

You next to her who strives so hard to be “right,”

You who understands what it means to be whole,

You who fidgets with darting eyes,

You who just held that posture longer than you ever have before,

You with your head down trying to hide your tears,

You with your head up proudly displaying them, I see you all.

I see more than you intended to share but it’s right there before me, splayed out on your mat.  You are the medium to my craft, yet the art is yours. Your life unfolding each moment, each breath and how fortunate I feel that you choose me week after week to guide you.  I see you all.  I see moments of brilliant unison when each arm in the rooms arcs back to the beat of breath, when chests rise and fall at my cue, heads bow and I am moved. I have the immense privilege to conduct the orchestra of humans before me. To watch you open and close. To stand before you naked and exposed and ask you to do the same.  I am privileged to watch humans feel their own pain, wrestle their own demons, relish in their small miracles and come back for more. I watch and cue and adjust and hold quiet space as layers are shed, and limitations and inhibitions. Such a contrast, yet raw piece of life it is, to watch a person succumb to their fear while the person on the next mat over learns to soar. It's all part of it. 

This exploration of ourselves makes us better. I'm made better to be your humble witness.  I watch week after week as people break down, build up, break through, and evolve.  We do so mostly in silence. Without knowing who or what is happening next to us and in our quiet focus, we hold each other up. Strangers, friends, men, women, all walks of life, at least for this time, I get to watch you pay attention.

Melody Clark

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