Guest Blogger: Rachel Harris - My Inspiration

August 05, 2016

Guest Blogger: Rachel Harris - My Inspiration

When I was growing up my dad worked very hard to provide for our family, long shifts at a stressful job. He did this to support not only our family financially but emotionally too. My mom and dad had a plan and did everything to stick to it. Part of that plan was having my mom stay at home. I’m pretty sure she lost her mind on several occasions, over several years in the earlier stages of my brothers and my childhood. But they stuck with the plan. My mom was a, is a heavy influence in my life. My mom and I are very different, she likes things clean, I like mess, she likes to discuss feelings, I like to keep thoughts to myself, she’s bossy, I’m patient etc. etc. To sum it up, we make each other nuts! But somehow this bossy clean freak happens to be one of my biggest inspirations. She’ll probably cry if she reads this and want a hug from me, luckily we don’t live near each other because that’s just the type of encounter we differ on. Crying and hugs combined make me very uncomfortable!

In my almost 32 years of life, I have been through many ups and downs. I’m not one to share my feelings or struggles especially as I’m in the midst of them. But that’s the most amazing thing about my mom. She may not be aware of what exactly is going on with me, but somehow she is always my greatest supporter. My dad lovingly refers to her as the Pit Bull of our family as she is ruthless and sometimes overly protective when it comes to her family.

Since having my son I have gotten to experience some really cool things. One thing I finally realized is why I’m always getting accosted by my mom with hugs and kisses. He’s got my cheeks and lips and damn it, they’re irresistible! But watching my mom and son play together is a true joy and words cannot describe how grateful I am to see this in my lifetime. My mother is so loving, so silly, so careful and yet so adventurous. She’s not afraid of her loud voice or to make a silly scene. She’s having the time of her life with him, and it is absolutely beautiful.

Turns out I’m just like her in all the best ways. Seeing her with my son makes me realize all the heart she put into raising us. She built me into a confident, flexible and yet strong-willed woman. I see her constant growth and aspire to achieve the same as my life carries on. So here’s to you, Mom. Thank you for being my inspiration.

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