Our Story

I come from a lineage of fiber artists.  Both my Great Grandmothers were seamstresses, which is how they met my Great Grandfathers.  My Grandmother was passionate and highly skilled at crocheting, and my Mother attended FIT for Textile design, was a buyer for a large department store in NY/NJ, and has also completed the most intricate needlepoint portraits I'd ever seen.  

My mother passed away when I was only 2, so all I was left with was this desire to create, with no one really to teach me.  My school didn't offer Home Economics, so up until 2 years ago I had no idea how to operate a simple sewing machine, let alone make my own clothing.  Thanks to the patience of my boyfriend's mother, Ginny Scimonelli, and the natural skillset I inherited from my ancestors, 3Clothing was born. 

It began with Ginny and I getting together and spending a long Saturday sewing and chatting.  We would spend hours making one simple piece, which I would proudly wear to the yoga studio where I taught, or to the local health food store where I took my nutrition clients grocery shopping. 

The response to my clothing was overwhelming.  Everyone was instantly attracted to what I was wearing, and after finding out I made it myself, were begging me to sew them something.  After a coincidental run in with an Eco Friendly Clothing Shop owner, we decided to take a chance and see how our stuff would sell.

Needless to say our clothing was flying off the shelves, and I knew fairly quickly we could never keep up with demand.  I knew I wanted my clothing made in America, and made with LOVE. 

The experience of searching for a local manufacturer is what opened my eyes to the fact that there aren't really any small manufacturers left in America, and that it is indeed a dying Art.

3Clothing is committed not only to using Organic, Eco Friendly fabrics that are good for our environment and our bodies, but for creating our garments in a manner where the consumer can literally feel the love and passion that was put into it.  Currently, Ginny and I are still making everything ourselves by hand, and very soon will be joined by individuals with an equal amount of passion.  Our goal is to create jobs in a happy and healthy environment for American workers who get the same therapeutic, zen-like experience we do when we sew.

3Clothing aims to honor the 3 Generations who came before us; preserve the Art of Sewing for the 3 Generations who will proceed us, and create clothing for the 3 Generations currently on the planet, including Women, Men and Children. All things 3!!!! 

We Thank You for Your Support!